Scholarships for Students 

Blue Sage just launched a new scholarship program for Business and Language Studies in Barcelona!

We will soon announce similar scholarships to partner institutions in Seville and Buenos Aires where students can study Spanish, Sociology, Political Science, Business, and — at one of the world’s great conservatories — Flamenco. Stay tuned for more and please follow the Blue Sage Facebook page for more information.


Business & Spanish language studies

A new Blue Sage Scholarship Program to Barcelona, where program participants from all majors can pursue Business and Spanish Language studies in a one-year Master’s, Certificate, Training, or Summer Intensive Program!


Flamenco conservatory

We will soon announce a small scholarship to a leading Flamenco Conservatory in Seville, Spain where students of all levels can study guitar, dance, and voice with master artists.  

buenos aires.jpg


We will soon announce a small scholarship to Latin America’s leading center for the study of Latin American history, political science, and social movements in Buenos Aires.


Benjamin A. gilman international scholarship

Prestigious U.S. Department of State, Bureau of Education and Cultural Affairs grants for study abroad or international internship program participation. This year, 2,800 scholarships of $5,000 will be awarded, plus reimbursement for travel costs.