All students should have access to the transformative, life-changing "tool" of Study Abroad and cost is almost always the main barrier. 

For that reason a list of scholarships and grants for students will be provided here. Funders and study abroad scholarship administrators: please share your scholarship programs by sending an email.

Beyond the boroughs

This is a unique, multi-year scholarship program that supports undergraduate students throughout their undergraduate careers... and that includes participation in pre-approved, credit-bearing study abroad programs (review pending). I am going to be offering a series of tips and pointers for your applications on the Blue Sage Facebook page. 

More info can be found on the Beyond the Boroughs National Scholarship Fund page. 

Diversity abroad 

The Diversity Abroad Scholarships page is an excellent source for numerous funding possibilities, specifically for participation in Study Abroad programs. Depending on your situation, it is very possible that you can secure more funds for your study abroad program than if you stayed in the U.S. in a work-study situation and don't forget that universities and study abroad program providers like CAPA and SIT have scholarships as well.