Blue Sage Builds Inclusive Study Abroad Programs

Blue Sage program development always involves a final goal of diversifying enrolment in study abroad programs. All students should have access to this life-changing “tool” that is study abroad and they should be able to see the transformative poetic and concrete career enhancement opportunities that experiential learning opens.  

When universities and providers contract Blue Sage to build new programs or enhance and expand existing overseas centers, they receive excellent language programs; challenging interdisciplinary courses built around the arts and cultural history; specialized, custom-designed courses; strong partnerships with community organizations and host universities; highly trained resident staff; a network of medical and mental health practitioners who understand that we want students to take themselves out of their comfort zones and to do so safely.

Blue Sage assists with local labor law compliance, business legalization, the deign of the study center facility, finance set-ups and funding transfers, and much more, all outlined in the forthcoming e-book project.

When I was the resident director of study abroad programs in Latin America for three years, students always expressed interest in developing skills for graduate school applications, scholarship applications, and job placement. They all expressed interest in learning how to plan their experience abroad around these goals—students wanted to directly apply their hands-on learning to concrete applications to grad schools, scholarship programs, and, always, employment opportunities. 

After hearing the same hope across all of the programs that I was running, I builtstudents’ career interest into orientations, workshops and even designed theme-based guided research seminars around the Fulbright application. By contracting Blue Sage to build, enhance, or expand study abroad programs, universities and providers also inherit programming that prepares students—in very concrete ways—for careers that use the language and intercultural skills developed during study abroad. All students value a unique point of entry into the job market, grad school, or scholarship programs.   

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