Blue Sage Difference

Study Abroad is a transformative experience that forever changes students' lives. I build programs with this perspective in mind and with this hope. In doing so, I create an architecture that facilitates and supports students in their intercultural, language, and professional development--excellent courses, bilingual counselors, robust health & safety protocol, excursions with solid learning goals, and much more--and frees up local resident staff with a clean and efficient management system so they can dedicate their time to supporting the students.


That is really the Blue Sage difference: I build from the perspective of a former student, a former resident director, and a current program developer who keeps close tallies on what has worked best over an eight year period in numerous countries. And I build knowing that each piece of the design contributes to a greater picture and larger goal of preparing the next generation to enter an increasingly interconnected world where we are, more than ever before, working across languages, cultures, and media, navigating norms and codes.

A goal in the field is to double study abroad participation by 2020: that increase should have robust, dynamic, student-centered program development at the core so we can continue to support experiential learning with the very best in language, intercultural programs, service learning, and internships and teach programs.