Building from the Core Poetic

Study Abroad changes students' lives on the most personal level and forever marks their intellectual development. This form of experiential learning is transformational: that is, in essence, the "poetic" of global education and structured programing serves that end goal. When I build new study centers or improve pre-existing study abroad programs, I develop them with that core poetic centered on the transformative in mind. This means creating a structure to facilitate student learning and enhance the experience -- excellent courses that are built around the host cultures and languages, excursions with solid learning goals, access to bilingual mental health counselors, robust safety protocol, and much more.

Building around the core poetic also means creating a clean, easy-to-manage system (from finance to business legalization) so that resident staff can focus on what is truly important: the students' development. By keeping my focus on the end goal of transforming students' lives, each piece of the design is considered a way of streamlining the work flow of on-site staff so they can be the best educators and mentors possible. That is what sets programs apart.