Supporting Families

This service is designed to help you choose the best study abroad program that matches the student's goals and needs while considering financial obligations. We offer full support for university programs, study abroad provider programs, and direct enrollment opportunities.   

Online Meetings

After an initial, comprehensive online meeting (1 hour), Blue Sage offers a series of live, one-on-one meetings: Maximizing the time abroad, goals and research, application process and statements of intent/purpose, scholarships and grants, and safety are a few of the themes. Each meeting is priced independently. We highly recommend consideration of Direct Enrollment opportunities.

Why Blue Sage?

With years of experience advising students, directing study abroad programs, leading scholarship initiatives, and building new study abroad operations, Blue Sage “reads” a program from the inside, helps you select the best option, and assesses everything from program staffing to safety.

"Study Abroad: How To Choose the Best Programs,to be released in 2019, is a forthcoming e-book project that gives you the core of the Family Advising services so that you can manage the process on your own and use Blue Sage for any follow up supports that might arise.

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